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By Arcadia Foot and Ankle
February 28, 2013
Category: Foot Pain
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Ladies we must remember to inspect and determine the age of our heels as well!  High heels are designed to exude confidence and make us feel pretty.  But that can only take us so far if foot pain and injuries follow.  If your heels just don’t look right or give you that wobbly feeling it is safe to say they are in need of replacement. 

Heels have a life span just like sneakers!  3 signs of age to look out for are:

  1. Frayed materials on the heel which shows age and the environment in which the shoe has been worn.
  2. Heel surface which can be uneven or missing all together causing instability and over compensation to maintain balance.
  3. Worn sole having a discolored look which can lose its tread and become uneven and slippery.