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Ankles sprains are common injuries, especially among athletes. If you think you’ve sprained your ankle, the team of highly trained podiatrists at Arcadia Foot and Ankle, with two offices in Scottsdale and one each in Mesa and Sun City, Arizona, can help. They provide expert diagnosis to confirm your injury and personalized treatment to help you recover quickly and safely. Call Arcadia Foot and Ankle or schedule a consultation online today.

Ankle Sprains Q & A


What is a sprained ankle?

A sprained ankle is an injury to the ligaments that support and stabilize your ankle. The damage usually occurs because of a sudden and abnormal force on the ankle that stretches or tears the ligaments. 

You can sprain your ankle by walking, running, or falling on an uneven surface. Sprained ankles are common sports injuries because of frequent and sudden direction changes, the repetitive force from running and jumping, and collisions with other players. 

What are the signs of a sprained ankle?

When you sprain your ankle, you might hear or feel a “pop” in your ankle. These injuries usually cause immediate pain that worsens progressively. Your ankle will also swell, bruise, and feel tender, and ankle sprains cause instability. 

The symptoms of sprained ankles are similar to the signs of a broken ankle. It’s critical to have a doctor evaluate and diagnose your injury so you can receive appropriate treatment.

How are sprained ankles diagnosed?

The team at Arcadia Foot and Ankle begins with a conversation about your injury. They ask what you were doing when the injury occurred, your symptoms, and any other relevant details. 

Your podiatrist examines your foot and ankle, gently pressing on your ankles and moving your foot to identify which ligament is injured and the severity of your injury. The podiatrists also use diagnostic imaging studies such as X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasound to rule out other injuries to confirm your diagnosis. 

How are sprained ankles treated?

There are three stages of treating a sprained ankle. During the first stage, you rest and protect your ankle as the swelling subsides. You might need to wear a brace or another immobilizing device during stage one. You might find that ice and elevation help relieve any pain. 

In stage two, you focus on restoring your strength, flexibility, and range of motion. The team at Arcadia Foot and Ankle recommends physical therapy to restore your ankle safely. 

The third stage gradually incorporates activities that don’t require turning or twisting your ankle before you can return to your regular activities. 

Call Arcadia Foot and Ankle or make an appointment online if you think you have a sprained ankle and need medical attention.