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Pediatric Flatfoot Specialist

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Pediatric flatfoot is a foot deformity in which your child’s arch is flat or nearly flat. Unfortunately, pediatric flatfoot can keep your child from walking and playing normally, and could potentially lead to long-term issues as they grow up. At Arcadia Foot and Ankle, with two offices in Scottsdale and additional offices in Sun City and Mesa, Arizona, the group of leading pediatric podiatry specialists is ready to help. Call the office nearest you or use the online booking button to arrange your child’s appointment now.

Pediatric Flatfoot Q & A

What is pediatric flatfoot?

Pediatric flatfoot refers to a partly or completely collapsed arch in a child. Children may have pediatric flatfoot at birth, or they may have normal foot arches that collapse at some point in their childhood. 

There are two general categories of pediatric flatfoot, including:

Flexible pediatric flatfoot

With flexible pediatric flatfoot, by far the most common kind, you can see your child's arches when they're not on their feet. As soon as they stand, however, the arches vanish.

Rigid pediatric flatfoot

With rigid pediatric flatfoot, arches remain flat at all times. 

Both types of pediatric flatfoot require proper diagnosis and treatment. 

What are the symptoms of pediatric flatfoot?

Pediatric flatfoot might not cause any symptoms. With asymptomatic pediatric flatfoot, your child doesn't experience any issues related to their flat feet. With symptomatic pediatric flatfoot, your child may have:

  • Arch pain or tenderness
  • Foot and leg cramps
  • Difficulty walking normally
  • Easily tired feet

Children with pediatric flatfoot may not necessarily admit that they're in pain, but they may show other signs of trouble like refusing to play a sport they used to love, avoiding any kind of physical activity, or constantly taking their shoes off.

How is pediatric flatfoot treated?

At Arcadia Foot and Ankle, the team assesses your child individually by examining their feet, their gait, and their symptoms. The professionals formulate a treatment according to your child's individual needs. 

In most cases, nonoperative solutions such as custom-made orthotic shoe inserts, special foot exercises, and shoe changes can help your child develop and maintain a normal foot arch. This, in turn, relieves their symptoms and helps them to resume the activities they enjoy without worry of pain.

In rare situations, such as rigid flatfoot caused by severe foot deformity, your child could need pediatric flatfoot surgery. The experienced pediatric podiatry surgeons at Arcadia Foot and Ankle can skillfully correct deformities within connective tissues and nearby bones to make sure your child doesn't have to suffer from long-term pain and mobility issues. 

To schedule a pediatric flatfoot assessment with the gentle and kid-friendly podiatrists at Arcadia Foot and Ankle, call the office nearest you or click on the scheduling tool now.