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Swift Specialist

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Swift® therapy offers a cure instead of just another treatment for stubborn plantar warts. At Arcadia Foot & Ankle, experienced podiatrist Mark Olsen, DPM, and the dedicated team use this noninvasive FDA-cleared therapy to clear your plantar warts without pain or downtime. Learn more about how Swift therapy can help you by calling any of the offices in Scottsdale, Sun City, or Mesa, Arizona, or clicking the online scheduler now.

Swift Q & A

What is Swift?

Swift is a state-of-the-art microwave energy system that targets and destroys stubborn plantar warts. This innovative therapy delivers a controlled dose of energy directly into your warts. 

Swift targets the human papillomavirus that causes plantar warts, doing so by triggering a natural immune response so your body can attack and destroy the HPV from the inside. 

How is Swift better than other plantar wart treatments?

Plantar warts are famously difficult to treat because eradicating HPV is truly challenging. Other plantar wart treatments, including topical acids and cryotherapy, mainly target the warts themselves, but the HPV may linger deeper in the skin even after repeated treatments. 

Swift actually addresses the root cause of your plantar warts, the HPV, to give you lasting plantar wart relief. Additional advantages of Swift include:

Virtually painless

Swift treatment consists of short bursts of microwave energy that are virtually painless. You may have some very brief discomfort, which almost instantly goes away. In contrast, topical peeling treatments and cryotherapy are frequently quite painful with lingering effects.


Swift features a disposable device tip to ensure complete sterility. With other treatments, there can be a risk of cross-contamination. 

No collateral damage

Your Swift treatment involves no blood, no cuts, no smoke, and no mess because the laser passes harmlessly through your skin to target the plantar warts. It targets only the unhealthy tissue. Topical peeling treatments, cryotherapy, and other options like surgical wart removal can all have considerable collateral damage (loss of healthy skin). 

Swift is well-established as a leader in effective plantar wart treatments around the world, which is why the premier podiatry team at Arcadia Foot & Ankle use it in their practice.

How does Swift treatment work?

The Arcadia Foot & Ankle team performs Swift treatment in the office. Your treatment specialist applies the handheld device to the soles of your feet, in five energy bursts, each lasting only two seconds. 

The whole treatment takes only around 5-10 minutes, and you can go back to your normal routine right away. No bandages or home care needed!

How many Swift treatments will I need for plantar warts?

You typically need only two or three Swift sessions, with a month between treatments, for complete plantar wart treatment. This matches your body's own immune cycle to help you fight off the HPV virus effectively from within. 

Swift is a proven FDA-cleared technology with remarkable results, so why wait to get rid of your plantar warts? Call the Arcadia Foot & Ankle office nearest you or book a consultation through online scheduling now.