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Vista Advanced™ supplements and OTCs are an easy way to take charge of your foot, ankle, and bodywide health. At Arcadia Foot and Ankle, with two offices in Scottsdale and additional offices in Sun City and Mesa, Arizona, the skilled podiatrists offer comprehensive care — including the tools to better your whole-body health. Call the office nearest you or use the online scheduling tool to arrange your consultation now.

Vista Advanced Supplements and OTCs Q & A

Which Vista Advanced supplements and OTCs can help with pain?

The Max Relief AM and Max Relief CBD Cream formulas can both help with pain. 

Max Relief AM

Max Relief AM formula offers nerve support during the day.  It contains essential nutrients for improved circulation, which in turn improves your nerve repair. Ultimately, this helps to reduce foot pain and numbness while encouraging a healthy inflammatory response.

Max Relief CBD Cream

Max Relief CBD Cream is a revitalizing topical cream for muscle and joint pain. It contains full-spectrum CBD with warming ingredients for instant soothing. It’s paraben-free, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free.

You can use these safe formulas in combination for maximum relief, if desired. They also work well with a nighttime sleep formula.

Which Vista Advanced supplements and OTCs help with sleep?

The Max Relief PM formula contains essential components, including full-spectrum CBD, ashwagandha, turmeric, and 5-HTP. This combination formula helps to relax both muscles and nerves so you can enjoy a deep restorative rest.

Which Vista Advanced supplements and OTCs help with inflammation?

The Vista Turmeric 46 formula has a unique ingredient called CurcuWIN®. Through an innovative method, you get 46 times more absorption of curcumin (the power-packed ingredient in turmeric) than with over-the-counter curcumin extracts. 

This heightened absorption brings longer-lasting effects. The Vista Turmeric 46 formula encourages maximum inflammatory response to encourage joint, heart, brain, and cellular health.

Which Vista Advanced supplements and OTCs help with surgery recovery?

Elite Recovery Formula is the ideal supplement to help you bounce back fast after foot or ankle surgery. This postoperative supplement includes ingredients like powerful antioxidants, immune system support nutrients, and cellular healing vitamins. 

This encourages your body's natural inflammatory and immune powers for the most efficient healing.

Which Vista Advanced supplements and OTCs improve bone strength?

The Active Osteo Formula helps grow and strengthen your bones with vital bone health nutrients like MCHA, calcium, and vitamin D. It can encourage better bone density, longer bones, and stronger bones. 

Which Vista Advanced supplements and OTCs improve joint health?

Joint Collagen Formula is a perfect fit if you’re concerned about joint health. This concentrated formula contains a collection of ingredients including collagen to help you regrow natural cartilage and boost joint health. 

Joint Collagen Formula is two times more effective than over-the-counter glucosamine and chondroitin.

Arcadia Foot and Ankle is all about peak health and wellness for both your feet and your entire body. Vista Advanced is available exclusively through the medical professionals at Arcadia Foot and Ankle, so find out how these supplements can help you by calling the office or clicking on the provided link now.