Arcadia Foot & Ankle utilizes the most advanced medical documentation system to document your visit and to keep your primary care doctor well-informed of your condition. This electronic medical record system ensures permanent storage and instant recall of your medical history and treatment while ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality. As an added benefit, we are able to transmit most prescriptions electronically so that your medication is ready for pick up at your convenience.

Simply put, an EMR are digital records that providers use to record patient health data. EMR systems provide interfaces and a host of functionalities to healthcare facilities, big and small. They are used to process insurance claims, manage payments, schedule patient visits, add new patients, share information and record patient health data. They also let clinics integrate with reimbursement and regulatory changes for ICD-10, HIPAA 5010 and meaningful use standards.

For Patients:

  • Fewer errors compared to paper records.
  • Better and quicker care.
  • Track results and data over time.
  • Improve treatment and diagnosis.
  • Identify patients who require screenings and preventive care.
  • Better patient health data security and privacy.
  • Receive follow-up support like reminders, weblinks and self-care suggestions.

Our physicians are bilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

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